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Cortney & Matt #engagement

So how this session started… NERVOUS NERVOUS! I was nervous because Cortney is a photographer & I’ve seen her work and its always beautiful. This was my first time to ever photograph another photographer. Oh also Cortney had warned me about how her and Matt are “vertically challenged.” Her words not mine. So when I saw exactly how tall Matt was, I was immediately concerned about leaving a ladder at home. Cortney is nervous because she isn’t always on the other side of the camera… I’ve felt this pain before. It’s a good thing to experience haha now we know how you guys feel all the time!

But honestly neither one of us had anything to be nervous about. Cortney was immediately a super model… seriously though she had no trouble at all. Just gorgeousness… I had nothing to worry about because Cortney and Matt are the sweetest people ever. I’m pretty sure I just made me n’ Andy some new best friends:)Oh and maybe some new friends for Koda and Brax to!! Cortney and I are already planning dates after the big wedding day and stress pass! Oh and the height difference… well when you are into each other as much as these two are you don’t even notice it, no big deal-e-o! No problems, gorgeous day!! What a great session. Loved loved getting to know you two.

P.S. never think you can’t bring your pups with you on sessions! I love pics with puppy kids!

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