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Chillin at the Gillen’s

That’s our new official hashtag for our new home!! The past few months have been so incredibly busy. We didn’t know we were ready to sell our house until we found out this one was going on the market. I can’t believe we live here now. The first day we moved in some things went wrong, which led my home sickness to reach its limit. I knew I would miss so much about our old house, but I didn’t know I would get that sad so quickly. I missed our neighbors and I instantly missed that home feeling. We have so much work ahead of us with the new home, and moving in really reminded me how long remodeling a home can take. That being said we are a month in… the master bedroom has been started, things have been ripped out (walls, cabinets) and we are just in home limbo. Walker’s room is the only thing in the house that is done. But my little man has made the entire house his room. A house with no furniture I’ve learned is a baby’s dream. So while I’m still adjusting my baby is in heaven, which I have to say makes me feel right at home. The organization and places to sit will have to wait, for now every room is a play room.

yeah we don’t splurge on the diapers… its HEB brand for us.

Sometimes playing can be hard…. it’s nap time for us all.

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June 17, 2015 - 12:48 pm

Becky - Congrats on the new pad! I LOVE parquet floors!! The older the better. They don’t lay them lay them like they used to… which makes me sound 80 but, you know. Walker is a sweetheart. Great to see you last week!

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